Our Top 5 Open-Ended Toys

Our Top 5 Open-Ended Toys

Still wondering what to get your little one after learning about the great potential of open-ended materials? Worry no more! We came up with our own selection to help you make a sound decision.

What to Consider When Choosing a Toy

When selecting a learning material for your child, the first thing to consider is its age-appropriateness. Here at Little Fox Toolbox, we’ve made this a lot easier for you because each toy’s description already includes which ages it is suitable for.

Another important factor is the material’s educational value. Children learn best through play so let us maximise those play times and turn them into multiple learning opportunities. It would also be helpful to have a developmental checklist handy so you can better assess your child’s abilities and identify areas that need enhancement.

The third consideration is the interest of the child. The more intense this interest is, the better. Dramatic play, language development and attention span are just some of the areas that are enhanced when a child becomes engrossed in one activity.

Keeping in mind those top three factors, let us now look at these toy recommendations and their brief description.

Toy Recommendations for Open-Ended Play

Stacking & Nesting Bowls

Building, stacking and sorting are great if you want to develop your child’s problem solving skills. It can also be a lot of fun when the whole thing collapses or topples over


Large Wooden Rainbow

Get your child this beautifully-coloured wooden rainbow and witness her creativity go into full swing! From being the entrance of a tunnel or the mouth of a cave, the possibilities are endless.

    Large Stepped Block Set

    Fine motor skills and spatial intelligence are developed as a child plays with these stepped block set. Early math skills are also enhanced as they learn to identify bigger and smaller, same and different and a host of other concepts.

    Play Silkies

    Yes, silkies can be wonderful play materials! These can take on different forms when placed in the hands of highly imaginative children.

    Rainbow Cups & Tubes

    This one is great for all ages and it encourages creativity, fine motor skills, maths, construction, colours, physics, playful experimentation among others and much more! The possibilities are simply endless!

    If you want to know more about these items, just follow the links or drop us a message and we would be happy to assist you. Have fun play-learning!

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