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Lay-by Terms & Conditions

Lay-by is available on orders of $100 or more. A minimum 20% non-refundable deposit is due within 48 hours. Lay-by is available on a standard term of 3 months and must be paid in full.

The payment of this deposit is considered acceptance of these T&C's and this deposit will be forfeited if an order is cancelled or returned.

How do I place a lay-by order?

To process a lay-by order, please shop as normal and select Lay-by at checkout.

Once you've finished ordering please email Casey at  littlefoxtoolbox@outlook.com for details on how to pay your lay-by instalments at your leisure. 

We will then send you an invoice for deposit payment as well as information on how to make repayments. A non-refundable 20% deposit must be paid within 48 hours of placing your order.

How often are payments required? 

We do not require regular payments however the total amount is due within 3 months. If an extension is required, please email no later than 14 days before your order is due. 

Can I cancel my lay-by order?

Yes, you can cancel your lay-by at any time. The 20% deposit is non-refundable. 

When will my lay-by order be dispatched?

Please email us when you make your final instalment, once the total order amount has been paid we will dispatch your order. This must be paid by the due date. Partial dispatch is not available. 

Can I make changes to my lay-by order?

The price at the time of your order is final. No further discounts may be applied. Individual items may not be removed or swapped from a lay-by. However you can add items at any time, the lay-by due date will not change though. If you would like to add items, please contact us at littlefoxtoobox@outlook.com

Please note that it is the customers responsibility to pay off the outstanding amount before the due date. Reminders will not be sent, in the case that your order has passed its due date the products from your order will be put back into our inventory and your order cancelled. 

Any questions? Please contact us at littlefoxtoolbox@outook.com