ABC Activity Pack

ABC Activity Pack

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Little Fox Toolbox's  'ABC Activity Pack!'

Looking for an activity kit that covers the alphabet and early learning skills? Our 'ABC Activity Pack' covers just that! With 26 reusable pages and over 40 activities, we can guarantee many hours of learning fun! 

Our 'AAP' is recommended for children starting Kindergarten/School. A few of the areas covered in our 'ABC Activity Pack' are:

  • Counting
  • Tracing
  • Patterns
  • Drawing
  • Emotions
  • Size & order
  • Left & right
  • Pre-writing skills
Included in this kit are:
  • 1 x Binder folder;
  • 1 x small zip folder;
  • 1 x erasable whiteboard marker, and;
  • 26 x pages of activities. 

*Please note that not all pages are shown in photos. 

Age: 3+ years


** Available in all state fonts. Please leave a note at the cart section if you wish to change the font. Please include what state font you would like.