Lacing Board with Australian Animals

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LACING BOARD with Australian animals           

1 pieces board is approx. 18 x 21 cm

3yrs + 

This lacing board will help develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Fine motor skills are essential for learning how to tie shoelaces and hold a pen.  These boards will make practicing fun and help your child reach this developmental milestone.  They are also a great way for kids to become familiar with recognising and naming animals.

each board includes the thread and hand made wooden needle and can be purchased individually or as a full set.


Put pipe cleaners to get children to thread through the holes. to let the children free form artwork to create.

Group Setting
Put out for quiet activity time. Use in teams where children can take turn at threading to work on creating a final artwork.

Learning Opportunities
Lacing activities help children develop bilateral coordination, lacing also helps children practice the precursor skills for shoe tying and sewing.