Mezzo Folding Scramble Climbing Frame

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Our Pikler Mezzo is Design Patented and ideal for your more adventurous babes. 

This simple yet ingenious piece of play equipment is designed to encourage your little one’s sense of adventure while improving their gross motor skills and building their strength. Suitable for 36 month olds through to 6 year olds, this beautiful Birch Wood pikler will bring joy for years to come. 

Watch in amazement as your little ones find their own strength and courage through play. 



Made using European Birch Wood

Hardwood Dowels.

Independently weight limited tested to a static weight of 50kg.

Meets all relevant Australian / New Zealand Standard 


Size: 68cm wide x 115cm tall 

Recommended Age: 36 - 60 Months Always with Parental Supervision 

This product should be used by ONE child only 

Domestic Indoor Use Only

*Please note the blackboard is not included.